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    Readable hierarchical netlist names


      I am having problems building a netlist with nets annotated with the instance names rather than the instance ID.


      I use the pcb interface generic.cfg to generate the .net and the .pkg files which i pass on to a layout engineer. The .net names look like this.






      This is a pain to view in visECAD because the nets are very difficult to search for and the review becomes very tedious.


      In dxdesigner I have given a name to the instances $1I1998="cpu" and  $1I54="memory". It would be a lot easier to find the nets in visECAD if the pcb forward routine could use these names instead of the ID's.


      Any suggestions?

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          I am having this problem with the allegro flow. On an older version of DxDesigner, I was able to apply the name alias to hierarchy block symbol to set the prefix in the netlist. Now when I name the hierarchy symbol, it does not propagate down to the netlist like before. Was this question not answered because this is now different after the ascii schematics were removed?




          flow: IND7.9.2 -> allegro