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    SI/PI simulation only with passive components




      I am a learner of Hyperlynx SI/PI. I am confused about one question. If I have a board without any ICs and only have some passive components like resistors and capacitors on it, can I still set up the power supply and run the simulation on the linsim or boardsim to see the EMI issues?


      One more question is that if I don't have any models for one specific IC, what can I do for the simulation?



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          Hi yonghong,


          You can do SI simulaiton to those nets without any ICs in Hyperlynx Linesim or Boardsim, the only thing you need to do for making simualationn engine to work is that you should add a stimulus.  You may add a pseudo driver to your topology as the stimulus and assign a TDA modle or spice source model, this make you to see how your routed traces radiated.  Without IC model, you still can do some fo whatif analysis.


          However, We are desigeners or engineers to solve real design issues, not to get funny, so you first should get know what is the real problem and how you hope tool can help you.





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            Hi Yanfeng,


            Thank you so much for your reply. I am a student working on a project by using Hyperlynx. We are going to design a simple PCB board. We want to see and observe the issues of EMI like how the routed traces routed.


            Right now, I am stuck in the model problems. I know I need to find the IBIS models for the ICs we use in the board. But unfortunately, we could not find all the IBIS models of the ICs. I am a newer of Hyperlynx and the model things. I have no ideal about the TDA model or spice source model you talked about. I tried to search it on the help documents of this software. I could not find anything. Could you please tell me how to do it or what source that I can get to learn it?


            Thanks again and have a good day,



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              Is there any BoardSim or LineSim in Xpedition VX2.1 for SI/PI Simulation ?