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    Ibis-Ami to HSPICE Simulation...




      I need to perform Ibis-Ami to Hspice Simulation. Is it possible? I have performed Ibis to HSPICE simulation in Hyperlynx. Are there any Mentor App notes for such mixed type (IBIS-AMI to HSPICE) Simulation?

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          IBIS-AMI analysis has two parts. The first part is a linear transient simulation like we traditionally do with IBIS models. The second part is what uses the AMI file and associated compiled procedures (DLL on Windows). If your analog buffer models will run in HSPICE then you can select HSPICE as the simulator for the transient simulation. There is a radio-button selection on the second page of the IBIS-AMI Channel Analyzer wizard. Then HyperLynx will do the AMI channel analysis using the transient simulation results from the HSPICE simulation.

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            Hi Weston,


            Thank you for your prompt reply.


            We tried simulating a SPICE to IBIS-AMI model, but the operation is aborted and gives the following error in the .lis file:



            **error** Model 'idt_corvette_ami_rx' is not found
            **error** (C:\trs-bb_ibis\si_simulation_files\srio_dsp\trial_srio_dsp.sp:16) difficulty in reading input



            The above error is seen by both the ways of simulations which you mentioned.




            There were a few more issues related to HSPICE Simulations in Hyperlynx.


            As mentioned, we are performing Mixed Simulations (HSPICE - IBIS) & (HSPICE - IBIS-AMI).

            We converted the SPICE Model (.sp file) file so that it can be used in Hyperlynx as per the Mentor App Note.

            The model file consists of 2 models: QLM TX and QLM RX Models.
            The TX Model consists of 3 input bits. (bit0, bit1 and clk). We wish to assign a stimulus at half the clk rate. But while assigning 'Circuit Connection'to the Spice Model,only 3 options appear viz. Stimulus, Inverted Stimulus and Delayed Stimulus.


            1. So the question is how to assign the reuired stimulus to bit0 and bit1 input?

            We tried assigning Stimulus through SPICE netlist itself and leaving bit0 and bit1 as NC, but it doesn't work out that way.


            2. For RX SPICE Model, it has 3 inputs (Rxp, Rxn and clk) out of which Rxp and Rxn can be connected to Txp and Txn of IBIS driver Model. But how do we assign stimulus to 'clk' input defined in the Rx model? coz when a model is defined as Receiver, the Stimulus options disappear in Hyperlynx.




            Yashoda N.

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              Your analysis problem is more complicated than just mixing HSPICE and the IBIS-AMI channel analysis. I see that you opened a service request on SupportNet, so we'll work out the multiple issues through that channel.