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Update 5 appears to have overwritten some settings

Question asked by m.doyle on Feb 3, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 3, 2011 by m.doyle

A couple of us in my company just installed Update 5 for DxD 7.9.1.  I knew there was going to be trouble when the first time I started DxD, it greeted me with a start-up tip and treated this like a brand new installation.


New designs are now failing to pick up our co's default borders, and all fonts reverted to Fixed.  It's simple enough to map Fixed to a more readable font, like Arial in our case, but what just happened?  Did some ".INI" get deleted or otherwise are not getting read?  Do we need to move templates to a new folder?  The missing borders issue is pretty serious - we really dont want to have to rebuild those.