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Border properties in 7.9.1... do they work?

Question asked by davide.camerano on Feb 21, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 25, 2011 by davide.camerano

In my company we have designed, since the old DxDesigner 2005, a standard border, with properties authomatically filled by the DxDesigner itself.All worked fine, but now in 7.9.1 it seems that all the management of these properties is a little bit confused, and it's not clear if they are still supported. In particular:

  1. @sheet and @sheettotal: if you change the order of the sheets, then you get fuzzy number of sheets: out of order, with wrong total number, etc. For example: 1 of 1, 2 of 2, etc... instead of 1 of 2, 2 of 2.
    By the way: @sheet is the name of the sheet, not the number. I think that it would be better if there is a sheet name AND a sheet number, and you can choose wich one to display (generally the number)
  2. @labeled_path: it's very important to have this property when you have a complex hyerarchical project, with a lot of pages and repeated blocks, because all the repeated blocks are similar (except for the topological references) and this property is good to see "where" you are when you look at a page

What to do? Do I have to add custom properties to fill manually page by page?


Davide Camerano