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    New Floating License Question




      We have 3 license for PADS, 2 as USB dongle license, one as floating License. Recently we updated the license file, downloaded "Mentor_License_Utility",  and successfully installed the license to two dongle machines. But we don't know how to install it to the floating license.  We tried to run the Mentor_License_Utility in pc and it didn't work.   Do anyone have an idea? Do we need to run the utility in the server?




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          1.  Check that your network license server is running properly by running 'lmtools' (...Mentor Graphics Licensing\lmtools) - select the 'server status' tab and press 'perform status enquiry'.  You should see your PADS license in the status window.


          2.  While still in lmtools, select the 'System settings' tab and record the 'computer/hostname'.  This is where you need to point the license client in the next step.


          3.  Run the license installer (...MentorGraphicsSDD\PADS Licensing Assistant\Install License File) and select the 'Network license client'.  Set 'licenseserver' = computer/hostname and finish the dialogs.


          If you get stuck on any of these open an SR and Mentor will work through the details.  You might find the files listed above in different locations.


          Good luck,

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            Hi Jduquette,


            Thanks for your reply.  I tried to run those on my PC, it seems not work.  Do you means to run it at server side?




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              Steps 1 and 3 can be run from the client.  Step 2 needs to be run on the server.

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                Hello Yi,


                If the license server is a Windows machine, you should run the Mentor License Utility ("Install License" button) on the license server itself. After that, run step 3 on the client machine so it can consume a license from the server.


                If that doesn't get it working, generate a diagnostic report for licensing (Mentor_License_Utility.exe>Tools menu>Create diagnostic report) on both a client and the license server machines, and upload both of the "diag_file.txt" files to a new Service Request on SupportNet. The "diag_file.txt" appears in notepad once the diagnostic report completes, and there is also a copy in the same directory as the Mentor_License_Utility.exe.


                I hope that helps.




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                  I'm having a problem with installing the licensing for PADS2004sp2 on my Win7 Home Premium 64 bit machine. The Mentor License Utility and LMTOOLS diagnostics seem to indicate that it is installed and I can read the USB dongle:


                  FLEXnet diagnostics on Tue 3/29/2011 06:34

                  License file: c:\mentorgraphics\license_files\license.txt
                  "blzanyangle" v2010.100, vendor: mgcld
                    uncounted nodelocked license, locked to "FLEXID=9-04c21d22"  starts: 2-oct-2010,   expires: 2-oct-2015

                  This is the correct node for this node-locked license


                  But Server Status gives this error:


                  Flexible License Manager status on Tue 3/29/2011 06:34

                  [Detecting lmgrd processes...]
                  Error getting status: Cannot find license file.
                  The license files (or license server system network addresses) attempted are
                  listed below.  Use LM_LICENSE_FILE to use a different license file,
                  or contact your software provider for a license file.
                  License path:  c:\mentorgraphics\license_files\license.txt;C:\Program Files (x86)\Mentor Graphics\PADS\2004_2\Settings\License\licensefile.dat;
                  FLEXnet Licensing error:-1,71
                  For further information, refer to the FLEXnet Licensing documentation,
                  available at "


                  I had PADS9.2 installed on my Vista laptop in November but I'm not sure if I tried PADS Layout 2004. I want to keep the older version files because I am doing work for a customer who does not have the newer version. The PADS Logic 2004SP2 is OK, since it does not need licensing. I can try installing 9.2, and maybe I can export in ASCII format compatible with PADS2004, or else I may need to use the older software at my customer's site with his parallel port dongle. This has been very frustrating.


                  Thanks for any help you may be able to provide. I haven't been on this forum before, but I was active on the old PADS Talk server.



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                    Hey Paul:

                      PADS 2004 is not designed to run on Windows 7 or any 64-bit platform. 9.2 is the first version to run on 64-bit. Don't frustrate yourself- it's not anything you're doing wrong. If I remeber correctly there was somebody who had figured out a way to run older versions on 7, but I don't remember details. John D or John M may have something to add... My recommendation would be to ascii out to 2004.


                    Best wishes,


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                      This is the first I've seen of any licensing issues on 7.  Did you upgrade your flexlm version so it is compatible with the 9.2 license?  (probably last Nov?)


                      My system has MGLS_LICENSE_FILE defined instead of LM_LICENSE_FILE so something seems out of date there.


                      I don't have 2004 so I can't be much help past that.


                      John D

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                        Hi Paul,


                        It appears you have Mobile Compute (a.k.a. "Nodelocked uncounted") licenses, so you do not have to configure a license server for your licenses (this is what the "Status Inquiry" is intended for). The hardware key ("FLEXID=9-04c21d22") is matching, so that is definately a good sign.


                        As I'm sure you know, PADS2004 isn't supported on the much newer Windows 7 operating system. With that said, here is an idea on what may get it working (to update the installation with a much newer licensing DLL), so the newer/longer format authorization codes can be recognized):


                        - Run the Mentor_License_Utility.exe

                        - Go to Tools > Update File > Mgls.dll (10.8)

                        - In the "File Replace Options" dialog keep all the checkboxes selected (by default), and click Next

                        - Browse to the base directory of the PADS2004 installation (I recall it was down under "C:\Program Files\Mentor Graphics\..." but don't remember the exact location)

                        - Click OK

                        - Once the update is complete, close the Mentor License Utility


                        If that completes but it continues to fail, you may want to consider running "XP Mode" on your Windows 7 machine. However, it does present a different set of licensing issues (you would be best served by a nodelocked counted license to the ethernet address of the XP virtual machine.


                        I hope that helps.




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                          It seems that did the trick! I never would have figured that out without your help. Actually I chose the 11.x version to update. The old file was from 2004, and was located in:


                          C:\Program Files (x86)\Mentor Graphics\PADS\2004_2\Programs


                          I would suggest perhaps adding this information to the knowledge base, FAQ, or other permanent location, although there are probably very few people using PADS2004.


                          BTW, I like the new forum. I found the thread about the old Listserve as I was trying to figure out how to set that up on my new machine.





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                            Glad to hear that worked, Paul. I'll be looking into how to integrate this problem and procedure into our KB.




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                              I went through quite a few hours trying to install PADS2004sp2 on a "new" Win7 Professional machine, but finally I was able to find and install the correct drivers for the Hasp dongle, and the final piece of the puzzle was to copy the new "mgls.dll" file, dated 1/21/11, into the C:\Program Files (x86)\Mentor Graphics\PADS\2004_2\Programs folder. I also updated mgc.pkginfo to the 2/1/11 version. I ran the Mentor_License_Utility.exe as well as lmtrools.exe and licsetup.exe, and eventually I was able to get the server diagnostics to report success.


                              I had also installed PADS9.2, although I had a few problems, especially with the original PADS9.0.1 install disc. But when I tried to use the PADS2004sp2 software, the schematic capture program for .sch files kept using the new 9.2 version. So I had to edit the registry to change the file association.




                              I set the value to: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Mentor Graphics\PADS\2004_2\Programs\powerlogic.exe %1"


                              But the icon for the .sch files remained that for 9.2. So I had to edit another key:




                              I set that value to: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Mentor Graphics\PADS\2004_2\Programs\powerlogic.exe,0"


                              I had given up trying to install on my Win8 computer that I am now using, but since I was still fresh from this experience I decided to try it. BINGO! Now I have PADS2004sp2 running on my Win8 laptop. I'll be getting a Win10 machine soon - maybe it will also work on that?

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                                I just discovered that the OLE connections between PAD Logic and PADS PCB do not work. It seems OK on Win7, so I guess I'll have to use that for most of the design process. It's just convenient to use the laptop.