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need help fine tuning a VBScript (.efm) to report status of components in schematic database

Question asked by david.canfield on Mar 3, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 10, 2011 by john_dube

I was trying to find hints to my questions over at and ran across a thread that directed me here.


I have a VBScript that creates a STATUS report of all components in design schematics.  I'm learning to use automation, know about the automation documentation that comes with EE7.9.1, but am not sure what I'm looking for to accomplish these tasks:


  1. There is a custom property in our logic symbols called "SYMSTATUS" (denotes the review status whether pending or approved) and I want to include this in the report.  Does anybody know how I can get this out of the database since it isn't a component level property?  I thought about promoting the property and looking at the output log for command used, but the RC menu doesn't list this option.
  2. Error Reporting - How to continue without breaking on errors.  Specifically, I want to report a property called "DNI" if it exists, but not break on a Run-Time Error >> Object required: 'NameDNI'.  This currently happens on line 39.
  3. Another column in the report will be the location (directory) that a file exists.  How can I use the name of a file and search the network beginning at a parent directory and recursive, then report the folder it found the file in, or NOT FOUND?



David Canfield

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