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PADS rounter does not route Ground connection after copper pour and delete all previous routings

Question asked by wgao on Mar 4, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 7, 2011 by jmatthews

Hi, all,


Could anyone tell me how to solve the problem of PADS router not routing GND? There is a Ground plane, after copper pour(using GND), I need to change the layout, so I open the pcb in router, delete all routings and let it auto-route again, but it assumes that the gound nets are all routed (connected to the plane??), so nothing will be done on the GND net.


Protect the GND net can partially solve the problem, it will keep some trace and vias, but still many GND connections are lost. There is a post asking for the similar question: 


I know to avoid this, one would better not do copper pour before everything is fixed, or save a copy before doing the copper pour.


Can someone help to give a solution to this?