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    Bom top bottom


      Good morning everyone


      I am currently using Pads 9.2 (schematic and layout).  I generate the BOM from the schematic.  The thing that bugs me is that I have not the information if the parts are on top or bottom.  That information I can find in the XY position (script from Layout).  But, then, with this script, we dont have any information about the description of the part, the vendor, ... that you find in the BOM.


      Do anybody already have some script that combine the 2?  I have a big board with a lot of parts and i dont want to seperate them manually.





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          Hello Caroline, an easy way to get the attributes you need is to use the PADS Layout Script Wizard. You find it in Tools--> Basic Scripts.

          There is nothing more to say. It's an easy way to get your script with those attributes of the components which you need.

          ... just try it.


          Much luck


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            i don't know how to get all the attribute of a specific part.



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              Hi Caroline,

              sorry for my late answer. I was out of  office.


              First, be shure that you send all attributes from Logic to Layout ( have a look in the netlist).


              Then please open in PADS Layout the Basic Scripts Dialog Box (Tools--> Basic scripts--> Basic Scripts ...).


              Then Start the PADS Layout Script Wizard (Select this row and click on Run).


              Click through the wizard dailog boxes till you reach the attached window (Object Properties).

              Now you can select the attributes you want to have in the bom (e.g. Layer Name; Layer Number; ...)


              Just try it.



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                I never had time before to try what you told me. I did find the time this afternoon and I must say : THANK YOU VERY MUCH!  I have all what I need for my BOM generation, top/bottom separated.  I am so relieved!


                Again : Thank you very much