EE flow 7.9.1 - RF designs

Discussion created by MaBUa on Mar 10, 2011
Latest reply on Sep 25, 2012 by sarfudeenkhanmohammed.sikkander

Hello all,

my colleague ask me about RF simulation. He heard that mentor has an RF module and ask me about ability to simulate some RFID circuit.

So, I have a look on support net and found out that there is not many information about it. I install RF module and wanted to start in DxD.

In help I read 2 documents... and found that if I want to simulate circuit like this one I have to have installed some Mentor DA_DK design kit. I can't find it on mentor web site to download it.

I guess that with "only" mentor installation I'm able to create schematic (I'm not able to proceed it to layout) and in layout manually draw circuit....

Is it true or how shall I understand?

Is possible to download some tutorial to be able to go trough all the flow? (except simulation because I think I have to buy next software)


Many thanks