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Place part in DxD 2007.8 attached to cursor in VB Automation

Question asked by russ.brown on Mar 11, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 11, 2011 by john_dube

I am trying to write a function that places a specific symbol that does not have a part number into my schematic.


set Mypart1 = CompBlock.AddPartInstance("mypartition","","mysymbol.1",X,Y)


I have several issues:


1. I get a number of warnings "Warning 1276: component does not have "Part Number" attribute".  How do I eliminate this message?

2. I have a .1 symbol and a slightly different .2 version.  If I try to place the specific version, I get an error

     "Error 1086: Invalid block name", but the specific symbol does get placed properly.

3. I further want to have the code attach the symbol to the cursor automatically so I can move it where I want it.  Does one use CreateObject and MouseMoved to do this?  If so, how?


One might say "Go into the CL View-Symbol View and do it from there".

That interface is very confusing and training is difficult.

DxDatabook is excellent in Search mode, but less than useful in CL View-Symbol View.


Another good solution would be to allow me to have my own category of special placeable symbols, as in the way the globals are handled.