Example of ASCII usage vs. Automation (Library Manager)

Discussion created by chris.smith on Mar 16, 2011
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Here is a sample from National Instruments.   (No automation support in DC, Import ascii, save 2-4 days)


Currently we are Expedition/DC workflow. We are aware of the features in DX but for us and our 300+ users we have developed a symbol generator that can read a master XLS spread sheet and export a ASCII file that can be read directly into the Library Manager.


Our tool is written in LabVIEW and can construct an unlimited amount of banks and pin counts and performs our standard lengths, colors etc.

it also has additional logic for checking for duplicate pins, names and can create a 1100+ pin part in a few seconds vs days.


In the future If we do not have the ability to use our tools and import a format into the library manager, we will be forced to waste hundreds of man hours thoughout a year by manually creating dc symbols.