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    Pin Description property



      One of our hardware engineers has a project with many connectors on it.

      When we select the pins on ANY of the connectors we do not get "Pin Description" in the Properties box. (We do get Pin Type and Pin Number)

      If we bring in a new connector from DataBook but it is already used on the schematic, we have the same issue.

      If we bring in a new connector that is not currently on the schematic, we DO NOT have a problem. The Pin Description property shows up.

      FYI - These are translated DC symbols.


      No one else is having this problem on any other project.

      And just so you know: Pins are ON in the filter and Pin Desription is ON in Setup,Settings,Properties.

      Any help would be appreciated.

      I tried to send an Archive but it was 60Meg ...


      Thank you,


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          Not sure I understand the issue here so maybe you can answer the following and try some of these suggestions, failing that log a call with Customer Support. Pins don't usually carry a Description property, by default these attach to the symbol. So is the user selecting the Pin Symbol or the 'pin' of the symbol (excluding graphics). If the pin itself is selected then usually you see Name, ID, Direction, Pin Number and Pin Type. It all depends on what properties you apply to the pins.

          If you have the description property attached to the pin, then it may indicate that the symbols in the schematic are out of date with the library definition. Is the Flag out-of-date symbols option on in the Setup - Settings - Advanced section of DxD for this user? Do the symbols show as out-of-date? Do you have Pin Description as a Pin Property?

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            These pins do carry a Pin Description property. They are connector symbols translated from Design Capture.

            As I said earlier, this is only a problem on one project. All other projects work properly.

            When you select the pins in any other project, pin descriptions do show up. However, when you select the pins in the problematic project, pin descriptions do not show up.

            I'll have to open up a service request with Mentor.


            Thank you.