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    "Unable to open ICDB Connection"


      When i am trying to open a Design,I am getting the Following  Error "Unable to open ICDB Connection",Any Posible to De bug the Design,Since the ICDB is a Black Box


      Below is the Error Message in the Output Window

      *** Project Initialization Warnings ***
      CDB opening failed: Database cannot be loaded and the server cannot be started, the project will not be opened.
      *** End Of Project Initialization Warnings ***
      *** Project Initialization Warnings ***
      Snapshot creation failed: Database is not opened
      *** End Of Project Initialization Warnings


      Thanks in Advance


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          Hi Karthik,

          the information you provided is very rare.

          I assume you get this error message in DxDesigner, arent't you?


          To get some more information, you should do the following:

          • open the iCDB Server Manager (you can find it unter Mentor Installation systemtools)
          • go into the menu and open ->Tools->View Server
          • There you have to select your project file


          Now the iCDB should start, or even try.

          If iCDB is not started there, you can view the server logfiles in the iCDB Monitor or even in the schematic database\cdbsrv\log subdirectory (look for your date-time here)

          Please review the content or post it here.




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            Hi Andreas


            I am using the 2007.7Version of DX-designer

            i tried the below options

            iCDB Server Manager  ->Tools->View Server->added the Prj

            it seems to be Not Working

            i Checked the Logs in the database folder below are the Details


            [2011.03.22 09:18:52] [0000m.00s.515ms] [0] iCDB Server PI: ERROR [Core Exception: Category[CORE] Error[FAILED_TO_LOAD_DB] Description[Database cannot be loaded, the project will not be opened.] Message[]]

            [2011.03.22 09:18:52] [0000m.00s.515ms] [0] S: ERROR: Core Exception: Category[CORE] Error[FAILED_TO_LOAD_DB] Description[Database cannot be loaded, the project will not be opened.] Message[]

            [2011.03.22 09:18:52] [0000m.00s.515ms] [0] S: ERROR: Database cannot be loaded and the server cannot be started, the project will not be opened.

            [2011.03.22 09:18:52] [0000m.00s.515ms] [0] S: Starting threads

            [2011.03.22 09:18:52] [0000m.00s.515ms] [0] BT: Listening for broadcast messages on port [10000]

            [2011.03.22 09:18:52] [0000m.00s.515ms] [2] CMT: START

            [2011.03.22 09:18:52] [0000m.00s.515ms] [0] IT: ERROR: Creating new session with command [Server # ClientCommandID[1] # SubClientID[0]


            I Tried to repair the database,that is also not woking


            [2011-03-22 09:27:06][Error] - Could not merge projects. SF error [3]

            [2011-03-22 09:27:06][Error] - Server Exception: Category[Server] Error[DatabaseFilerRestore] Description[The last server session lost the connection to the database. Please contact system your system administrator to restore the database from a backup.] Message[]

            [2011-03-22 09:27:06][Info] - Restoring database to previous state from backup



            [2011-03-22 09:27:07][Warning] - Database is not repaired![STOP] - Repair database




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              the red lines are very informative.

              It seems that your database is not closed, but saved.

              This happens, if you copy your iCDB database in the file system, although the iCDB still is running.


              Such a copy is corrupt and will not work.



              Unfortunately, you will have to use the backup.


              To do this

              • rename the database directory to database_old.
              • go into the backup subdirectory of the database and open the last zipped database.
              • extract it to the directory level, your old database dir was in.


              Now the backup should be able to start the iCDB,

              but your project (DxDesigner and Frontend CES) is at a prior state (timestamp of the backup).




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                With the database closed, see if you have a file called "sAddress.adr" in the \database directory.


                If so, delete the sAddress.adr file and try to open the database again.


                Sometimes this file locks.


                Good Luck,

                Vern Wnek

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                  Whilst removing the sAddress.adr file may get you around this problem, we cannot recommend this as a solution. This file indicates that the database was copied via the file system whilst the database was in use, as Andreas indicated. In such a case we cannot guarantee that the database integrity has been maintained. In this case we would suggest you restore the database from backup as indicated earlier. If you need to make copies of a project then the recommendations are as follows:


                  1) If you are certain that the project is closed with no active users then utilities such as Winzip are perfectly acceptable for copying/compressing the data. Be sure to check in Server Manager that no one is actively using the project if you have a concurrent environment set up.


                  2) If you need to copy the database whilst users are active then we recommend you use DxArchiver to perform the copy, this will ensure the database is suspended during the copy operation, there will be little or no impact to concurrent users during the time DxArchiver is operating.


                  If in this case you are sure that the database was not copied whilst the project was in use then you should contact Customer Support for further investigation.



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                    Thanks! This suggestion worked! Whew!


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                      We find this happening all the time because when the user exits DxDesigner the ICDB server may not be done with its work yet.  Removing the sAddress.sdr usually fixes the problem and most of the time we don't lose any data.


                      What would help is if when the user exited DxDesigner, the DxDesigner window would stay up or a message box would pop up and the then exit when the ICDB server is finished.  Of course this would probably only work if the design was being edited concurrently.



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                        If you are seeing this regularly then I suggest you try and find the underlying reason and log a defect with Customer Support. In versions from 7.9.3 onwards we made changes to the locking mechanism that are supposed to prevent you from seeing this message if the iCDB Server is still running; it will prevent users attempting to open the database until the original process has exited cleanly. You should not be seeing the sAddress file left behind after exit.

                        You can monitor the iCDBNetServer.exe in task manager when you exit a database to see if it continues to run, this is usually because the database is being compressed on application exit. You should also check any database that regularly exhibits this and look for internal sheet backups, usually slow performance is due to having sheet backups turned on by default and hence the database growing in size. You can manage these from the application and prune the number of backups stored.

                        Also monitor network performance with iCDB Server Monitor, it will notify you of slow network perfromance and also can be configured to warn of excessive backup snapshots in the design (sheet backups), this is set as a warning to notify you when the number of sheet backups exceeds 200, you can tweak this in the settings to a lower value. You will find this in the Server Processes category of the iCDB Server Monitor Settings pane.


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                          Yes, I did this and it worked!



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                            We're pretty sure we know what causes this issue.  What usually happens is the user exits DxDesigner and the copies the design immediately after exiting.  The copied design won't open because of the sAddress.sdr file.  The other use case is when the user copies the design without exiting DxDesigner.


                            In ePD2005, you do do this as long as you made sure you did a save.  That's not the case with EE7.x


                            I'm not sure there's a network issue here since the design is located on the same PC as the software.


                            In the first case, I think DxDesigner should not exit until the ICDB server is finished writing to the database or at least a message box should come up  telling the user to wait until the box disappears before copying the design.


                            In the second case, I think we need to tell our users that they can't copy a design while DxDesigner is open.  I'm not sure Mentor can do much here.


                            I will think about contacting Support and asking for a DR.



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                              In the first case the iCDB Server only starts to compress the database on exit of the application but typically this doesn't take long, I've not managed to create a copy of a database with the sAddress file left over, but my databases are usually quite small. I have seen the service continue to run on large databases for some time, but typically these are in the 100's of MBytes and have included a large number of sheet backups. Purging the database down to a sensible number of backups (if you use them) should help. What are the typical sizes of the iCDB database  (icdb.dat file) in these cases?

                              Other than that it is a matter of educating your users to pause before creating copies.



                              For the second use case there is not much we can do, the point of the sAddress file is to warn the user after the copy is made that we cannot guarantee the data integrity because the database was active when the user made a copy. In this case we recommend you educate your users to use DxArchiver to make a copy, it supports doing so on an open database.


                              If you're sure there are no network issues then it is probably not worth contacting customer support, they won't be able to tell you much more than I have.



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                                With  Start->Mentor Graphics SDD->Job Management Wizard  you can copy a design even if its in use by DxD. Although it is more kind of EXP tool, it does not detect a running EXP.



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                                  I just got this "rare" error again. I've grown quite used to it. Another days work lost. Oh well.

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                                    Do you run the iCDB Server Monitor in the background, this will warn you of any issues with your environment and network speed etc?

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