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I extracted GDSII file from cadence EDI and now I am trying to use Calibre nmLVS for performing LVS. I have used nangate 45nm library.


Errors from Calibre LVS v2009.3_32.24


Error: error TRP13 on line 151 of calibreLVS.rul- no corresponding device definition for

this MASK mode TRACE PROPERTY specification statement: MN.


1 error, 1 warning (LVS report was not generated)


I removed the error infected lines just to check. So following errors were introduced either by change or they were supposed to

come later.


Error: No matching ".SUBCKT" statement for "INV_X16" at line 1651 in file



similarly, 257 errors, 497 warnings.

Source could not be read.
**Calibre finished with exit code 4** (LVS report was generated, uncompared face)


I have attached, 1) calibreLVS.rul file

                         2) lvs runset file (par.v is the netlist file, fir_filter_10kunit.gds is the extracted GDSII file and calibreLVS.rul is the rule file)

                         3) lvs report

Kindly help me/ guide me to remove these errors.

Thank you.