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Minimum required to do pin & gate swaps

Question asked by rwolfe1 on Mar 28, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 28, 2011 by jduquette

We are usign Oracd as the front end, however I do have PADS Logic & DXD installed & will be using these as front end if required by customer.

But the question, if design is driven by a netlist from Orcad whaty are my options to be able to do pin & gate swapping in layout and could

swaps be back-annotated to this netlist? What is the absolute min required ot even be able to do pin & gate swaps? I see I need

to at least define a CAE Decal in PADS Logic to even be able to set up swap information in the Part Type. I do see that I can translate

an Orcad Schematic into DXD pretty easily, if I had a library setup there with these parts would that be a way to go? What I am really asking

with PADS what is the easiest way to take the Orcad output netlist in do pin & gate swaps in PADS layout and feed that info back to update

Orcad schematic. I suppose doing a netlist compare after would work, but only netlist out of layout is IPC356, is there a way to back-anno the netlist

driving the design?