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Check / recopy of properties into reusable blocks

Question asked by recipon.ausy on Mar 29, 2011
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2011 by robert_davies



We have 10th of hierarchical schematic already designed, with lots of blocks we would like to reuse in a new schematic.

We would like to reuse those blocks several times in same schematic, keeping all properties assigned to objects from previous schematics.

Problem is that those old schematics were not designed with reuse in mind, then all properties were set in schematic hierarchy, not in block level. I just started to recopy manually those properties from instances to blocks but this is a very long and boring task. It's also complex due to issue regarding settings set for those properties ( visible yes/no, font, size, ...)

I then search for a solution / a script that should be able to recopy those properties into blocks, in the best manner possible. Is there any ?


When first point is solved, I also know that mistake is really easy to be done, adding some property into instance and not into block. This is a very critical point, we should find some solution to :

  • prevent designer to had specific properties into instances and force him to add it into reusable block. Is there any ?
  • or have a script that should be able to find differences between instances properties and reusable block properties. Do you know some ?


I started to work with scripts, trying to find some examples into AATK to start with, etc ... Unfortunately it seems that what we need is not as simple as I should have thought, and it will take a long time to write a script and mature it.


Thank you. BR