Ground plane missing when generating Gerber Files

Discussion created by rohi.217 on Mar 31, 2011
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I have a 2-layer board design. with layer 1 being the signal plane and layer 2 being the ground plane.  when I try to generate the Gerber files in Expedition PCB, Everything seems to be ok except for the ground plane. I put my design through a free dfm check and the gnd plane does not show up any where. The engineer who did the check also said there was no ground plane in the files that I sent them. They suspected that while generating the files, Expedition PCB might not be extracting the gnd plane. Does "plane data state" in plane assignments have anything to do with this problem of mine. ? I declared Layer 1 as "Draft" and Layer 2 as "Dynamic".


These are list of files that I checked.


1. Top copper

2. Bottom Copper

3. Top soldermask

4. Bottom Soldermask

5. NC Drill file


Please help. Thanks !