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    Calibre interactive license timeout


      Hi All,


      Interactive takes 60 seconds to check for available license. That is if I open an interactive when no license if available, it makes me wait for 60 secs before checking for available license. How can I reduce this time?




      Thanks in advance.



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          Hi Vijay-


          In the Calibre Administrator's Guide, the section on "Controlling Queuing for Calibre Classic Licensing" suggests a -nowait switch. The example is for DRC in batch mode; I do not know for sure that Calibre Interactive would also honor -nowait.


          You might also want to speak to your CAD team or whoever sets up the license servers. A possible cause of such a long initial wait could be a bad LM_LICENSE that either sends you to nonexistent servers or ones that are not very close by.





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            Hi Sam,


            Thank you for your response. I checked the LM_LICENSE it has the proper values as expected. I will check on the "-nowait" option with respect to interactive!