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    How to run xcalibrate tool to transfer  .mipt to .RC


      Hello all :


            When I write a file name as 123.mipt .then I start xcalibrate tool ,GUI, to transfer to 123.tm


      and  edit all the  parameters,


           But I don't know how to run the tool to generate .rc  file


           Need your help ! Thanks !

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          Hi Raul-


          What version of xCalibrate are you using?  You mention the GUI, which was deprecated beginning in 2009.1 release. If you have the GUI, there should also be a manual, "xCalibrate Interactive User's Manual" (or xcalibrat_user.pdf) with instructions.  The name of the section in later manuals is "Running Calibration Automatically", in the chapter "Running Calibration".  It may be called something different in earlier versions; I checked 2008.4.


          I can try to help a bit more if the instructions aren't working, but I don't believe the GUI is officially supported any longer.


          Best regards-