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    Problem during synchronization


      Good morning guys,

      can somebody help me with this tool? I don't know hweather I understand it well.

      I have an EE 7.9.1. flow and like to finish one design with Spartan 6 IC (FGG676 package)

      I'd like to use my design (I/O designer) in NORMAL MODE. (hope does mean that I don't have to create in library manager nothing..?)

      I have generated 26 symbols (some are functional and some are PCB)

      I have exported all symbols .. into DxDesigner... I see them in navigation tree as blocks...OK

      If I have a look into some of block there are not added some of ports..??

      In database properties I left U? as a ref. des

      I packaged the design .... without errors but I can't see my FPGA in list of used parts...??

      So, now I'd like to do a synchronization of my data flow....  If I run it the tool finish with an error that I don't have a REF. Designator of my FPGA.

      I don't know wheather I understand the philosophy well ....


      does somebody an idea?


      Many thanks


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          Do you have a schematic yet?


          If not, you will need to start a schematic and place these blocks onto your schematic sheets, You may want to create a heirarchael top sheet or not. Not sure what process you are following, meaning do you want to just create the fractures and use them as are? or do want to create fractures and use unravel feature in IOD?



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            Thanks for your answer... John,

            1) I have the schematic.. see my picture (my mouse cursor is on blank block which represents FPGA IO... there I'd like to have my FPGA sheets)

            2) I placed one of FPGA block onto my schematic sheetright now... see next picture


            I placed.. was able to package, see that a next part numb was added ... package process finished successfully.

            Then I did a forward annotation in Expedition and it finished with an error... don't kow part number... see my picture.

            What to do now if the part number is not in my central library but is only in iCDB...??


            3) fracture... I don't knoow exactly the meaning of fracture ... sorry

            4) my process - I'd like to placed my symbols generated in IO designer and connect them to my design nets and go to layout...


            Many thanks


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              I don't know why but I'm not able to package design in Dxd now.

              Have to settup packager or placed IO symbol with some special option, properties..???


              (I placed only one of generated symbol for now)


              See my picture with result of packager.

              Please, who knows the IO designer well to be able to help me?


              Many thanks


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                If you are unfamiliar with the flow I would suggest you contact customer support so they can walk you through the necessary steps. It will be quicker than trying to do so on this forum.


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                  It looks like you do not have a part built yet for this fpga, you probably have the symbols (fractures) but do not have a part (symbol and cell) in your library yet.


                  I would suggest contacting mentor support, perhaps Rob Morrow he is very good with IOD issues.





                  cell 760 445 6890

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                    Good morning all,

                    everythink is working now.

                    I opened a service request (as Rob suggested - it was the best and fastest way at the end - thanks Rob ) and Michal Federek helped me with my problem very fast... it was very helpful!!

                    Great job MIchal!!! I very appreciate.


                    All you have answered me ... many thanks as well!!


                    Nice day