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Problem during synchronization

Question asked by MaBUa on May 23, 2011
Latest reply on May 30, 2011 by MaBUa

Good morning guys,

can somebody help me with this tool? I don't know hweather I understand it well.

I have an EE 7.9.1. flow and like to finish one design with Spartan 6 IC (FGG676 package)

I'd like to use my design (I/O designer) in NORMAL MODE. (hope does mean that I don't have to create in library manager nothing..?)

I have generated 26 symbols (some are functional and some are PCB)

I have exported all symbols .. into DxDesigner... I see them in navigation tree as blocks...OK

If I have a look into some of block there are not added some of ports..??

In database properties I left U? as a ref. des

I packaged the design .... without errors but I can't see my FPGA in list of used parts...??

So, now I'd like to do a synchronization of my data flow....  If I run it the tool finish with an error that I don't have a REF. Designator of my FPGA.

I don't know wheather I understand the philosophy well ....


does somebody an idea?


Many thanks