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    How to check DRC for partial layout?


      Hi Guys,


      I am going through a tutorial, and layout just completed, which includes a few IPs without any layout!


      When key in command under batch mode to check DRC,


      % calibre -drc -hier -64 -runset command_file -batch


      Calibre report error like "no layout of IP_name found"!


      How can I only check partial gds without those IPs?

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          Have you tried Exclude Cell?  I am not familiar with Calibre Interactive for DRC, but presumably it is an option somewhere in there.


          Failing that, you could edit the rule file.  If you want to run with Calibre Interactive (at least that is what I am taking -runset -batch to be), you'll need to find the rule file the runset calls and add the Exclude Cell line to it.  Typically a rule file for Calibre Interactive is __rules__ (with two underscores each side), but if you fed in an SVRF file it might be that name surrounded by two underscores.


          More details on Exclude Cell are in the SVRF manual.


          Good luck-



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            you can use the layout exception command to run with partial layout



            this will make calibre to ignore the missing ref