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    Future of Board Station


      What is the future of Board Station with Classic Layout flow?

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          The future of Board Station Layout is somewhat the status quo.  By that, I mean that we will continue to support the product and will provide fixes to critical-level defects.  Significant enhancements and new functionality are being implemented within the AutoActive™ environment, which is the foundation for Board Station XE and Expedition PCB.  We have expended significant effort into creating tools to migrate the Board Station Layout designs into Board Station XE and Expedition PCB and we also provide access to these tools using your existing licenses.  While the Board Station Layout environment remains a supported environment, you will find that the new capabilities and functionality provided within Board Station XE and Expedition PCB provides a much more robust design environment.

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            Thanks David!

            We are presently using Board Station Classic Layout flow with SPECCTRA(Cadence) Router.

            It has been observed that there are few compatibility issues when we move from BS to SPECCTRA

            and vice-versa. A lot of rework has to be done sometimes which adds to the CAD Cycle time.

            Now, we have procured a license of RE-Autoactive.

            I have following queries :

            1) Is it possible to route a Multilayer Complex Board using RE-Autoactive bypassing SPECCTRA?

                (Routing involves Critical Routing-Busses, Differential pairs, length matching)

            2) What are the best features of RE-Autoactive?

            3) What major differences(feature wise) are between XE flow and RE-Auroactive?

            4) In case we switch to XE flow, would there be any viewable difference in terms of CAD Cycle Time compared

                to Classic Layout-SPECCTRA flow?



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              Hello Ritu,


              You certainly can route multilayer complex PCB's, bypassing SPECCTRA.  With the licenses you've mentioned, the routing would be AutoActive, rather than automatic.  You would require an AutoRoute license to perform fully automatic routing and, if you want to autoroute diff pairs and other high-speed features, you would require the necessary high speed license, as well.


              The great features of AutoActive are a powerful, correct-by-construction design.  The push and shove capability of the environment is extremely strong.  RE is primarily a placement modification and routing environment, while XE is a full design environment.  That means in XE, rather than having a different tool to open to route, you do it in the same tool.  I would expect significant cycle reduction time moving into the XE environment.


              Also, note that this is the same "back-end", or layout package, as Expedition PCB, which is an extremely high-powered, state-of-the-art system design tool.  Again, we have created tools to streamline your path towards implementing either of these packages.


              I strongly suggest taking a look.  If you want to provide me contact info, I can have someone make contact with you to provide additional detail.


              David Thompson

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                Hi Ritu,

                SPECCTRA(CCT) was a dead technology. We stopped to used it years ago.


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                  Thanks David & Yanfeng!


                  @David : I have sent my contact details on your email id.


                  Best Regards,


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                    Hello again Ritu,


                    I did not receive your contact info.  If you would like someone to contact you, please try to send the information again.


                    David Thompson