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    Ref Designators in PADS


      Hello All,

      Just want to know if using just one letter, say a  "J" or a "P" as the ref des for a part could or would cause any issues with PADS?

      It does not appear to me there woudl be an issue, but thought I would poll the group of users with more experience with PADS than myself.

      Are there nay potential for a problem doing this?

      A customers previous documentation for contact fingers on a board does not really have any Ref Des at all (hand done).

      By making it just P the netlist etc will have one less char. and will look like P.1, P.2 etc instead of P1.1, P1.2

      This is a special case I usually would not do this and force the issue to just have a number after, in this case I can't.