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    Board outline


      I have some weired problem. On one board my outline measured different on different layer as follows.


      top- 13.271

      bot- 13.271

      sst-- 13.271

      pmt- 13.27

      smt- 13.27

      smb- 13.271


      Does anybody know how to fix it other than redraw it. I want 13.27 on each layer.


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          perhaps has the problem its roots in the layout-software:

          I think it is one of some Expedition-"Enhancements" since Version 2007.

          The drawn corners don´t snap like before on the grid and you have to correct it.

          The draw grid must be set to a value that fits to the wished coordinates, here: 0,01.

          Have a try.


          yours sincerely,