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    Scout Help


      I have a flat schematic done and am trying to cross reference it.  I'm using the "tools/cross reference" command in Dx Designer.  It seems to run ok, but no cross reference text indicators show up anywhere.  It also says I it ran with no errors, but there are 457 warnings.  Where are the warnign logs stored?  I have no idea what the warnings are, how do I figure that out?  I feel I'm missing something simple, but don't know where to look.  any advice would be appreciated.




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          I recommend our support team to assist you with this on a first time use  I'm not sure which version of DxDesigner you are using or which flow, and the instructions can vary slightly for each.  There is also a guide if you look in your install tree for scout.pdf.  My copy is in C:\MentorGraphics\7.9.2EE\docs\pdfdocs


          I do have examples for both the EE flow and the PADS flow if you can recieve a large email, simply send me a email request to gary_lameris@mentor.com


          With a flat schematic, new annotations can also be used. Check out in help Link Symbols and Annotations


          Gary Lameris