TCL extension not registered ?

Discussion created by jbaron on Jul 19, 2011
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I tried to run a .tcl script with mgcscript and I kept having this error:


    Script file extension ".tcl" not registered


I have installed the tcl module recommended in the "PCB Automation Tutorial", which can be found at www.activestate.com. The script can be run from the "dos" command line.


In this tutorial, it is written:


"When a script runs, the script host determines the language from the script's file extension. VBScript and JScript are natvie to the script host. In the case of the other languages, the script host checks your computer's registry to determine if you have the appropriate parser/executor module available on your system"


I was wondering if someone know where the script host look in the registry? I have Windows 7 32b, maybe the registry is different then before?


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