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    Marking Swappable Gates on A device




      I was wondering how to edit a part in Part Editor such that I can designate which pins are part of a "gate"

      and thus which gates can be swapped when I eventually lay the parts out in Pads 9.2. Does this information

      propagate through DxDesigner schematic capture and on to Pads? Does it matter if the part is broken up into

      two equivalent symbols? In my instance, my component is 8 bits wide with an enable for each nibble. I have it

      broken up into two 4-bit parts.


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          Take a look at some of the logic parts in the supplied libraries. You will see how it's done and can then implement the function into your parts.


          Essentially gates or pins with the same swap number, can be swapped.

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            I managed to edit the part through Pads and have been able to swap gates on all subsequent instances of that part. It works well.

            My only problem now is back-annotating those changes to the schematic. I get a warning saying I have to manually connect the nets

            to the new places in DxDesigner. I dont understand why the changes dont come through. The nets in question connect components on

            different sheets of the same schematic so there are only off-sheet connectors connected to the net (as well as the appropriate component).

            Shoulding Pads/DxDesigner be able to simply change the name of the net connected to a component whose nets have been swapped?

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              It seems like changing the gate RefDes would be easier than changing the nets.


              DxDesigner isn't really "native" to Layout so I'm not suprised if it doesn't do gate/pin swaps.