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    DxDesinger 7.9.2: Can't "get object" after DxDesigner was set to be invisible



      I have following script:

      Set dxdapp = GetObject(,"Viewdraw.Application")

      set dxdview = dxdapp.ActiveView   ' View Object

      dxdapp.Visible = False

      If Not dxdView Is Nothing Then

        Set dxdblock = dxdview.ActiveBlock

        sTopBlock = dxdblock.GetName(SHORT_NAME)' Get the name of the top level schematic

        WalkDesign (sTopBlock)


        Scripting.sleep 100

        dxdapp.SchematicSheetDocuments.Open sTopBlock, "1"


        msgbox "Kein Schaltplan geöffnet"

      End IF

      dxdapp.Visible = True


      If I call this script the second time, I always get the error message:


      Source:'Laufzeitfehler in Microsoft VBScript'

      Line:58  Char:0

      Error:0x800a01ad  'ActiveX-Komponenten kann kein Objekt erstellen: 'GetObject''


      What is wrong?


      Kind regards,