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    OrCAD wiring data is compatible with VeSys 2.0?


      Dear all,

      I have some queries on VeSys 2.0?

      1. Can you pls tell me is it possible to import any OrCAD Schematic wiring data to VeSys 2.0?
      2. Is it possible to find failure report of simulation after analyses separately?
      3. Is it possible to customize the all manufacturing reports tables of Vesys design & Vesys Harness?
      4. Can Vesys 2.0 able to import excel file which contains wiring data?
      5. Can Vesys 2.0 generate 2 or more looping connections report separately in manufacturing report?
      6. How to add new connector in Vesys Harness where i want a customized connector should be shown in harness diagram?
      7. Can Vesys 2.0 generate pin connection report in vice-versa, means with similar pin names can report show the same?





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          Hi Samiulla,


          I will try to answer the qustions...


          1. VeSys 2.0 Design does not have a way to import wiring data from external systems, however if the data in OrCAD can be turned into a CSV file (with connectivity), then this could be imported into VeSys 2.0 Harness (there is already a document in the Community which describes importing CSV files into VeSys 2.0 Harness, please take a look)
          2. With the VeSys 2.0 FMEA module your reports can be saved as additional records of the analysis
          3. Yes, all reports in VeSys 2.0 are customizable (again there is a community document that describes how to author new reports)
          4. The standard reports can be saved as HTML, these can be opened in Excel (as a table)
          5. Again, this is a customizable report
          6. I am not sure if I understand this question, could you elaborate?  Or perhaps start a new thread (and include pictures).
          7. Again, this is a customizable report