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    HyperLynx PI Virtual Labs


      I wanted to let you all know that we have a new capability that we just launched last week on the web - HyperLynx PI Virtual Labs!  If you've ever wanted to give HyperLynx PI a try but haven't had time to go through the steps to make it happen - this is for you!  No software download or installs, no license request or setup - it's as easy as clicking a few buttons and launching into HyperLynx PI.  You can do guided labs as well as just play around with the software but you'll definitely get a feel for what you can accomplish with HyperLynx PI.  Go try it out at the link below:




      If you try it, reply back here and let me know what you thought!



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          Although we are hyperlynx PI user, I still have interest to see this virual lab. I may be the first man to try this virtual labs. I appricate that Mentor turns to clound solution for better supporting prospective users to try the tools more convinient and more easy.

          Following features will be welcomed by users like me due to lack of the hardware if HL 8.2 is ready:

          1)distrubted 3D solver

          2)GUPA-based accelated solver



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            Hi Yanfeng,


            I'm curious what you thought of the virtual labs. Were they helpful? Useful? Are there ways we could improve the experience or the labs themselves?


            I think the virtual labs will be useful to both current customers and prospective customers.

            • Current customers can use the labs to train engineers within their own companies and to try functionality they may not have had time to explore on their own.
            • The value to prospects is self-evident; they can try HyperLynx PI without having to buy it, install it, or even having to engage with sales.


            What do you think?


            - Cathy

            P.S. Anyone else want to chime in on their experiences? Try the labs for yourself at http://www.mentor.com/products/pcb-system-design/product-eval/hyperlynx-online-trial

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              Hi Cathy,

              Yes.  Clouding is a excellent fit to evaluation purpose or training purpose. Hyperynx PI Virtual Lab is ok if the bandwidth is enough(need 6-8MB).


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                Thanks Yanfeng. Does anyone else have comments they would like to share? We're really trying to make these virtual evaluations useful, so anything you can tell us about your experience -- login, setup time, content, etc. -- will be very helpful. Come on guys, I know you're out there. What do you think???