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    How to fix the orientation of a custom property


      Good afternoon,

      I am having a bit trouble to fix the style of my Device pin custom property

      I have a device pin custom property name {Vesys Classic Pin Part No.}

      In the stile dialogue box, I set to show the property with Orientation 0, No flip

      However, when i call the text property (ALT+ENTER), the setting is Orientation 270, FLip



      The unwanted result is that the property is always flipped in the schematics and does not respect the page orientation

      I unsuccresfully tried to fix it, so now I am manually editing the properties to set Orientation 0 , no flip.

      Is there a way to avoid the manual editing?am I doing something wrong in the stule set? How to solve? Can someone kindly help?



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          Hi Peter


          In a device with pins on both vertical and horizontal sides, the style set setting of orientation=0 is applied to both pin groups. However, today it means zero angle added to the “normal” orientation. Where normal means 0 for vertical sides, and 270 for horizontal sides (given the pin itself is, rotated by 270 degrees on the horizontal sides).


          The other problem with this is if you configure the pin style, let's say, to have the pin name displayed on the right side of the pin, on vertical side of the device that would be fine but for horizontal side, it means the pin name crosses the device graphic which is undesirable. As it works today, the pin name would be placed inside the device which takes care of this issue, but then for the orientation, I suggest you multi select the pin names on horizontal sides of the device (using SHIFT and area drag will select 'similar' pin names) and then select "Pivot Text" from the toolbar. This will put the text rotation for all back to 0.


          Does that solve the problem?




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            Good afternoon Muhammad,

            Thanks for you reply,

            I think understood how work the orientation. The pivot function work well

            however i think i would need to align my page border with the way Vesys orient the names on the device pin. This would probably save the time to go back and check all my diagrams and reedit the pins