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DxDesigner/DxDatabook Properties Visibility

Question asked by Thomas.DeSmit on Aug 31, 2011
Latest reply on Sep 2, 2011 by robert_davies

We are recent converts here, moving from DC>Expedition to DxD/DxDatabook>Expedition. We're running into a problem, and so far, myself and the other librarian are stumped. The problem has to do with displayed properties when placing parts from DxDatabook, in particular, we have some capacitors where we want to display a property "VOLTAGE_CAP", and there are other caps where we do NOT want this property displayed. The parts we want to have that property shown on use a different symbol than the ones where we don't want it shown, and we've edited the symbols to have the property visibility unchecked on the one where we don't want to see the property (also tried to edit the symbol and remove that property on the one where we don't want it to show, didn't work). The problem is that if you check the "visibility" box for a property in the DxDatabook Configuration, it seems to override any settings from the symbols. We've always had a way with past tools to accomplish this, and we'd really like to continue to do this, but right now, we don't know of a solution.


I know if we had separate "tables" for the "show" and "no show" parts, we could do this, but we're trying to avoid that, as that would cause the designer to have to search two "Libraries" (as they are termed in DxDatabook) to find a capacitor, and we'd really like to avoid that.



Anyone been-there/done-that?


Thomas DeSmit

CAD Librarian/PCB Designer

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