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Blind via Drill dwg etc

Question asked by wolferm on Sep 6, 2011
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Hello All,

When blind vias are used in a design how do you output data to the fab dwg itself.

I extracted 3 separate drill files two separate layer pairs of blind vias tehn the third all thru vias only.

I understand there drill table will only be ALL of the same size via including blind.

I'm being asked to create 3 drill tables on the dwg, is that possible in PADS automatically?

I did try to adjust the drill output for only blind vias and create the fab dwg twith this set that wat and of course it still only outputs ALL vias of same size.

Do you need to make these vias say 1mil diff in size say layer 1-4 vias are 7mil vias 7-10 are 8mil & vias thru are 9mil then add the note

on dwg stating they should all be 9mil due to limitations in CAD system they needed to be separate sizes to generate documentation?

How are designers handling doc output for blind vias in PADS with respect to drill tables & the fab dwg?