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    problem with the parasitic extraction - 0.18um UMC Technology


      I have a problem with the parasitic extraction with 0.18um UMC Technology, the error showed at the end is:


      ERROR: There are no CAPACITANCE extraction operations in the rule file.


      *** Calibre finished with Exit Code: 1 ***


      I attach the complete transcript file. I am using Mentor Graphics -IC Station v2006.2_3.1 and Calibre v2007.1_31.29.

      I used two files:



      but, with both was the same error.

      Anyone can help? Thanks

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          Hi Claudia-


          I looked through the transcript and did not see any included files that looked likely to be the parasitic extraction rules; the included files had "LVS" in the name.


          I'm not familiar with UMC's PDK, but most often the parasitic rules have suffixes of .rul, .c. .r, or .pex.  Do you see anything like that in there?


          If UMC is expecting you to provide your own parasitic extraction rules, you should use xCalibrate to create them rather than coding them by hand. By 2007, the models had become very complex.  However, if you are in an absolute bind, the version of xRC you are using does still accept the old hand-coded style of rules (Capacitance Crossover, Capacitance Intrinsic, and Capacitance Nearbody).  They are documented in 2006 and earlier manuals but were removed by the version you have because they were hard to use correctly. Foundry-provided rules are tested for accuracy before they go into a PDK.


          Hope this helps-