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    Snapping a harness bundle to vertical


      I have a harness drawing and I want to snap a section of the bundle onto the 90 degree vertical.  I've tried using Rotate harness but the bundle won't lock onto the vertical - it's either 10 degrees past in one direction or 5 degrees past in the other.  What do I need to do?new-1.JPG

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          Hi Kroeger


          I am investigating this issue and will let you know as soon as I get more information.




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            Hi Kroeger


            There is a possibility that in the style set your rotation angle is set to maybe 5 or 10, which can cause the bundle not to snap to vertical/horizontal.

            Can you please verify that the angle is set to "1" which gives maximum flexibility for rotation. To do this: 


            1. In style set go to Style Set ->Design->General settings->Rotation angle rounding value
            2. Set to 1
            3. Now try rotate section of harness action.


            If this does not work, then please set your diagram to polar mode ON and Grid snap OFF by doing the following:

            • Polar mode: SHIFT+CTRL+P
            • Grid Snap: SHIFT+CTRL+G


            The bottom bar of the tool should indicate the status of each mode as you press the shortcut key


            Please let me know whether this solves the problem or not.




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              Hi Kroeger

              Just to update you with an easier way to get your bundle to vertical. The normal method of setting a bundle to orthogonal in example you have shown is to use absolute rotation by holding the Ctrl key down during the execution of action  Rotate section of harness. This way the bundle readily resets to orthogonal and then rotates in increments of the rotation angle setting.


              1.) Just Exceute action rotate section of harness

              2.) Press CTRL key down after selecting bundle points

              3.) Start rotating. It will reset the bundle to Orthogonal and then you will be able to achieve your expected outcome.


              Thanks & Regards