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Mysterious Short-Cuts in DxDesigner

Question asked by anna.m.lindqvist on Oct 5, 2011
Latest reply on Oct 5, 2011 by robert_davies

Are there other DxDesigner for Expedition users out there experiensing mysterious short-cuts of nets?


We have had nets that are not tied together in the schematic, but later (when being routed in Expedition) they are connected by name. This of course would be logical if those nets had been given the same name (connect-by-name is supposed to take place within the same hierrarchical level). In this particular case though (running EE7.9.2 Upd3) the nets where never named but still (upon investigation) we discovered that they had the same $1Nxx value. How is that possible? I cannot recreate it by for example copying unnamed nets.


This is really, really very scary !!!

It seems like the iCDB database is connecting stuff (on it's own) that should not be connected.


Have anyone else experiense this or similar? If not, what are we doing wrong?


Does DxDesigner have any built-in control functions to discover errors like this?