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How to Arrange a clear Hierarchy Viewer

Question asked by yu.yanfeng on Oct 11, 2011
Latest reply on Oct 11, 2011 by robert_davies

Recently I try to do apple-to-apple comparision between  Viewdraw and Concepthdl.The purpose is that I hope I can find all most-used features which in Concepthdl can be found in Viewdraw,so this help us to let designers to switch a full Expeditionpcb platfrom. addtionally to  can't color symbol instance in Viewdaw, I found no way to arrange a clear Hierachy Viewer like what in Concepthdlhdl, below is the snapshoot.   In Concepthdl , you can see a flat schemantic sheets where every block is listed with  the page info for which top sheet it is and on which top sheet paged the block 's underneath circuit be arranged .


Below is the hierachy views of Concepthdl and Viewdraw.