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    How to find the Floating Nets in the Layout


      Hai Everyone,

      I have an issue in my calibre rule deck , How to find the Floating nets in the Layout?

      Can anyone  helpme out on this.

      by checking m1 not connceted to V1 or m1 not conncetd to CO  can help to find the m1 polyogon whcih is floating is there any other way can find it?




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          Hi Kumaran,


          I've heard different definitions for floating nets, I wonder which type you are trying to find. Here are a few definitions I've heard in the past:


          1) nets that connect to only one device


          2) nets that don't connect to any devices


          3) nets connected only to gates of devices without actually being driven by a transistor connected to power or ground


          NOTE: If anybody reading this has heard of other definitions please share your comment. Maybe I should try to maintain a list here in this Calibre forum of several known types of floating nets along with ideas for checking each one?


          Best regards,