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    Get assembly outline from component (cell)


      Hello, I 'm working with a script to get the shape of the diferent components of the Expedition PCB, I've achieved to extract the InsertionOutline, the PlacementOutline, but I don't know how to get the AssemblyOutline, the assembly outline have the real draw of the component to create a view.


      I work with the .Components object, with this object I've gotten the information than I've mentioned...


      I've tried with:


      MGCPCB     .ManufacturingOutline







      Anybody have any idea?



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            I found it!!! this an example how to get it:


          Dim CmpCol As MGCPCB.Components
          Dim Geometry As MGCPCB.Geometry
          Dim Outline As MGCPCB.FabricationLayerGfx

          Set CmpCol = pcbDoc.Components
          For Each Cmp In CmpCol

          For Each Outline In Cmp.FabricationLayerGfxs
                  Set Geometry = Outline.Geometry
                  If Geometry.IsCircle() Then
                      MsgBox "circle"
                  ElseIf Geometry.IsRect() Then
                      MsgBox "rectangle"
                  ElseIf Geometry.IsPath() Then
                      MsgBox "path"
                  ElseIf Geometry.IsClosed() Then
                      MsgBox "closed"
                  End If

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            You may want to specify epcbFabAssembly when accessing the Cmp.FabricationLayerGfxs property, so that you only get the assembly graphics.


            As the code is currently written, you are getting all fabrication layer graphics, including soldermask, solderpaste, and silkscreen.