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SourceBased vs SourceNames vs SchematicOnly

Question asked by lfc on Nov 8, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 17, 2011 by samantha_lizak

Hey everyone,


I searched the forums and didn't find this posted.


Can someone explain to me the differences between these 3. I've been reading TechNotes and the SVRF manual on what these mean but I still haven't pinpointed exactly how the differences are.


One thing I do know is that SchematicOnly requires a file.


The flow I use is:

1) I run LVS to generate a PHDB. Then from the PHDB, I generate a PEX SIMPLE netlist. Consequently, this is a Layout based SPICE netlist.

2) I run xRC transistor level extraction on the design. Then I use the formatter to generate a DSPF parasitic netlist.

3) Then I use Magma's Finesim to back-annotate the DSPF netlist onto the PEX SIMPLE netlist generated in Step 1.


Using "SourceBased", back-annotation yields 67% matching. Using "SourceNames", back-annotation is yielding nearly 97%.


Obviously it looks like "SourceNames" is working but I'm not quite sure why. Just want to understand.