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    Attached Parts in Bundles


      We have a cable that requires cable ties applied around the bare discrete wires.  The ties were inserted as an Attached Part in the bundle at a quantity of 2.  Reports is showing the part number with a LENGTH quantity equal to the length of every bundle that has the ties attached to it.  Does the software automatically tie the bundle length to the "attached parts" even though the attached part is an "ea." item?  Is there a way to bypass this without adding in additional nodes to the bundle?

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          How is the part configured in VeSys Components, is it "Per Item" or "Per Unit Length"?

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            The cable tie is a "Per Item" in Components.  It was added as an "Attached Item" in the bundle.  The goal was to show Production that the ties needed to be placed along the length of the bundle of wires.  The 'fix' we came up with was to create a hidden node near the bundle with the ties as an attached item, and move the part number text to the approximate location along the bundle.  This fixed the BOM issue.


            The attached images show the cable in question.  the P/N 435-1000-005 is the cable tie.  "Detail E" illustrates the application of the ties to the bundle.

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              Hi Brad,


              In order to help show manufacturing it is a cable tied section of harness maybe you could have a special linetype to represent this?  VeSys doesn't currently have a Cable Tied linetype but one could be made if you think its worth it let me know and I'll take a look.