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Discussion created by MaBUa on Dec 1, 2011
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  I have got a question about the visibility of user layer text. The VB script below inserts a new text into the user layer but so far I don't see the text displayed in the Expedition PCB v7.9.2. layout.

Is there anytihing wrong with the parameters of PutUserLayerText?

Thank you,




' Get the active document

Dim pcbDoc

Set pcbDoc = pcbApp.ActiveDocument


' License the document

If (ValidateServer(pcbDoc) = 1) Then


    ' add a reference to the MGCPCB type library in order to use enums



    Dim cmps, cmp, ULayer, pocet

    Dim usrTxts, usrTxt, userLayerNameStr


    userLayerNameStr = "RefDes_for_NestedCells"

    Set ULayer = pcbDoc.FindUserLayer( userLayerNameStr )

    If ULayer Is Nothing Then

       Set ULayer = pcbDoc.SetupParameter.PutUserLayer( userLayerNameStr )     

    End If


    Dim newTextObj4

    Set newTextObj4 = pcbdoc.PutUserLayerText( "Nazdar", 0, 0, ULayer, 80, 0, 10, "VeriBest Gerber 0",, epcbJustifyLeft, epcbJustifyVCenter, Nothing, epcbUnitDatabase)

End If