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    Metal laminated FR-4


      Has anyone used or had experience with high power boards requiring a thick aluminum or copper backing laminated to an FR-4 type material to suck away the heat from the board? I've seen this done on RF boards before but not sure who can supply this material or fabricate it.





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          I have. For boards in automotive applications


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            We build them all the time at FTG circuits. Multilayers with copper or aluminum cores are the most common. We also build copper/invar/copper and copper/moly/copper with far less frequency. Material availability is often an issue with CIC and CMC boards. We also build aluminum and copper backed single layer boards with ceramic filled teflon material for rf or microwave applications. Also PC boards with heatsinks bonded to them. Also good old fashion heavy copper cores with 4 to 8 oz. foil. In short just about any thermal management scheme has been built here. It is one of our specialties. Of course you could always add a fan. ;-)