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    PowerNET and OrCAD Capture 16.5 problem


      In Capture 16.5 when a netlist are generatd with PowerNET, instead of "PCB Footprint"
      (combined property string), a "Value" property are made in *PART* section.


      Capture 16.5 work with Windows 7 Ultimate updated.


      The following actions are found:

      1- msvbvm50.exe installed

      2- copied and renamed the usernet.dll

      3- Comdlg32.ocx and PowerNet.exe files are found in netforms Capture folder


      Chuck Tidwell's PowerNet are an excellent utility. Any help to solve this problem are welcome !


      Thanks, Gianni.

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          Thanks to Chuck Tidwell support,

          after many attempts I found the solution to this enigmatic error !


          First this error occour only in Windows 7 (Ultimate i use) system, in my case.

          In "PCB Footprint" field the "Combined property string:" are CASE SENSITIVE !

          If you write the text (the text in brackets) in uppercase everything works fine.


          Hope this help some one.