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    3D_viewer: Batch file format


      Hello all,

      what a strange 3D file model mapping is in version 2.1 of 3D viewer?

      I use EXP version 7.9.2. and have several same cells used in my design. In 3D viewer I need assign the right 3D model file to the appropirate cell type but I see all the instances in layout.

      Would be strange to assign an each individual instance (see my picture)

      What is the right batch file format and its file extension?


      Thank you


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          It seems the problem is in the installation.

          I have on my machine 2 version of expedition flow:



          I need to install the 3D viewer into the latest version - I used the configurator to switch to 7.9.2.

          Installation finished suscessfully but the 3D scripts were installed into 7.9.1. directory instead of 7.9.2.

          I tried to copy the directory SDD_ADDIN to 7.9.2 and run the ExpeditionPCB.

          It seems it is OK.. the 3D viewer is possible to run but the only one think -> THE MODEL MAPPING

          can see the picture above.


          Does somebody has the same problem?




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            even if I installed the EDMD collaborator v 2.1.1 the cell name list from pull-down menu looks same e.g. C0805(395) and so on.

            Where is the problem? I'd rather mapped a 3d model to one of the cell item and not for individual.


            Does somebody know the batch file format to import or this function is not supported yet??



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              Still nobody knows the format? Help doesn't talk about it.


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                I found out today what this function does!

                I browse to directory where I have 3D models and IF THE NAME OF 3D MODEL EQUALS TO THE NAME OF USED COMPONENT THIS MODEL IS USED.

                But it doesn't help me any more. Because the names are unique!!!

                E.G. C0805(840), C0805(401) and so on. It means I have to have 3D model files as much as number of used parts in my design TERRIBLE!


                I would expect some intelligence of it. And I expected I'll load batch file (e.g. my_batch.txt) where I have a list of Ref. des. ( or part number or cell name)  and

                the tool recognize it and associate the right 3D model to appropriate cell.



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                  Hi Martin,

                  The problem with the unique number after the cell name was a defect has been fixed in the latest 3D Viewer available for EE7.9.3.

                  Please contact me direct if you require any further information.