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    Is there an executable for oasis to gds2 conversion



      Iam using the gds2oasis executable from Mentor to convert gds2 layout files to Oasis. I would really appreciate some help with my questions below.


      1) Is there reverse translator to go form oasis layout database to gds2.


      2) Is there a simple tool to xor a gds2 layout file and an oasis layout file.


      and finally


      3) What's the easiest way to extract all the different layer numbers and structure names in an Oasis layout file.



      Thanks in Advance,


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          Hi Jameel,


          1) Not a command-line tool. DESIGNrev will allow you to write GDS output from OASIS input. You can also do this using DRC RESULTS DATABASE ... GDS, but in that case, the output database may not exactly match the input for all geometry. Calibre optimizes certain situations in the layout when constructing its database.


          2) dbdiff or Fast XOR. Both are documented in detail the Calibre Verification User's Manual. The Calibre Solutions for Physical Verification manual has a section that shows how to use Fast XOR.


          3) If you have DESIGNrev, you can use this alias to list design layers:

          alias layers "calibredrv -a 'puts [layout peek \!* -topcells -layers]' | sed -e 's: layers :Zlayers inZ:' | tr 'Z' ' \n' | tr '{' '\n' | tr -d '}' | tr -s '\n' | sort -n"


          I'm not sure what you mean by structure names. If you're talking about listing all the records in the OASIS database as ASCII text, Calibre has no such tool. That's something your CAD team would have to write.