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    EE 7.9.3 What's New


      Yesterday, I have seen EE 7.9.3 What's New on the supportnet. It seems no attractive features there.  I guess Mentor may don't plan add more features to Expedition PCB until competitores roll out more powful new platform. 2012 maybe a Hyperlynx year to Mentor SDD marketing. To me, I may put more attention to Agilent ADS in 2012.




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          I just watched Jerry's presentation about Expedition PCB 7.9.3 Release Contents. From the presentation, I think our process may be interrupted by 7.9.3

          1) Currently We use a perl to re-code CC file in utf-8 to make VisECAD display Chinese Characters. Now 7.9.3 outputs an encypted CC file and you can't re-code it for ever. Although I have logged the bug that VisECAD can't display Chinese Characters in CC file months ago, but I don't think Mentor have taken any action to make comingVisECAD 2.5 to support display Chinese Characters

          2) Currently We use Vsure. Now 7.9.3 only support to lauch Vsure NPI within Expedition PCB. Does this force user with Vsure to buy a copy of Valor NPI?

          3) Currently We need to open .dfl file for translation trubleshooting. Now 7.9.3 stop to support opening .dfl file for ever. This means you have to contact with Mentor support if you have translation issues.

          I can understand Mentor's intention but it really benifits Mentor user?


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            Hi Yanfeng,


            I am responsible for Market Development of the DFM products in the Valor Division of Mentor Graphics.  Regarding your second question, any customer with vSure and current with support will get the functionality of Valor NPI without any cost.  Valor NPI is a re-branded version of vSure and is being released coincident with Expedition v7.9.3.

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              Much thanks for updating.  What I get from your explanation is that now Valor NPI installation be included in Expeditionpcb 7.9.3 install kit. Is it right?

              Additionally,  I think Valor NPI will get more integration with Expeditionpcb soon, just like Calibre in route. This is a big advangtate to Mentor Expeditionpcb user.




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                Dear Yanfeng,


                Existing vSure customers running under Mentor Standard Licensing (MSL) can simply download Valor NPI version 9.2 and install. The installation procedure is exactly the same as before, only the product name has been changed.  It is initially recommended for existing vSure customers to take this approach as it does not require any implementation changes in your current environment.  This is especially true in a multi-vendor design tool scenario.  Expedition 7.9.3 does include the ability to install Valor NPI within the Expedition environment.  However with an existing vSure installation, the implementation of the system infrastructure required to support Valor NPI, the library, automation, ERF's, etc. will need to be updated manually.  Expedition 7.9.3 will activate Valor NPI in a predefined fashion in either case, Valor NPI installed within Expedition or as today stand-alone.  In other words, installing Valor NPI stand-alone will result in the same behavior as the combined installation.  So really the choice is yours.  However the use of both installation scenarios at the same time is not currently supported.



                Max Clark