DxDesigner Link extension

Discussion created by olivier_arnaud on Feb 15, 2012
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Over the coming releases we'd like to extend the DxDesigner ‘Link’ capability to cover more use cases and we'd like to get feedback from the user community to help us decide how to prioritize our future development.


Links allow quick navigation between ‘named’ objects in the same way hyperlinks work in browsers, but are limited to a single hierarchical level and work between links with the same name. They are also used for cross-referencing the design as ‘Xref Annotations’. The Tools – Update Other objects – Annotations command will add Xref Annotations to the link symbols in accordance with the format defined in the settings dialog. When considering improvements for this functionality we need to consider both the hyperlinking and cross-referencing aspects of the link symbols. For example we could extend the links to add hyperlinking between different levels of hierarchy, or extend the cross referencing capability to objects based on their connectivity without the need for auto-insertion of link symbols. If you have requirements in either or both of these areas we’d like to hear from you. Use cases we consider to be of interest to the wider community will be added to the DxDesigner ideas site.