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How could we share .vbs scripts under WDIR on both Windows and Linux when mapped path names (actually pointing to same location) are different? Or could we put both paths in .vbs?

Question asked by ping_hao on Feb 15, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 20, 2012 by ping_hao

This is a DxDesigner and ENV related issue, even thought is not directly related to 'Licensing and Installation', you guys may have experience on that, and we are piloting this community anyway, so I use it as a test as well.


I'm trying to share same scripts under WDIR for DxDesigner on both Windows and Linux. The scripts are located on same place, and are accessible from both systems, just the path names are different. For example:


On Windows: U:\Site_WDIR\Site_Menu.vbs    or \\server001\Site_WDIR\Site_Menu.vbs

On Linux: /apps/lib/Site_WDIR/Site_Menu.vbs


If U:\Site_WDIR\Site_Menu.vbs has following contents:




When launch DxDesigner on Linux (use same WDIR with recognizable paths on Linux), it will complain:

Could not find file 'U:\Site_WDIR\Site_Menu.vbs' in Primary Project Directory or in WDIR path.


So I'm think if DxDesigner could take something like:




then we can maintain single Site_WDIR. Any suggestions? Thanks in Advance!